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Muslims Making A Difference is a not for profit organisation, whose mission is to empower, encourage and inspire Muslims to become positively active and make a difference in the world. 

Inspired by our faith and following the example of the final messenger, we believe that doing good and helping others is a duty on all of us and therefore believe that every Muslim has something to offer. Whether that’s helping your local community to clean a park, getting involved in a dawah project, fundraising for a cause or using your professional skills within a voluntary setting.

At a time when the world and the ummah are going through such testing times with war, poverty, homelesness and loneliness, islamophobia, fear and hatred and suffering are on the rise, we believe that now is a time for Muslims to come together and become more active and that no action is too small.

Through positive interactions and doing good, we believe that not only can we improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves, but can help ourselves and each other fulfil the prophetic vision and set in motion the wheels of change.

We believe that now is a time for action and that’s why we decided to create a social network to connect Muslims from around the world and make it as easy as possible for people to find out what’s happening and help connect you with the people who need your skills the most.

So join us today and become an ambassador for change and part of a global movement to build a better future for all and show the world the true beauty of our deen.

Let's make difference.


Help us make a difference...

We believe many hands make light work so are always looking for people to help us and join our team.

Meet the Team...

Shakir "Malik" Awan


“I’m passionate about volunteering and truly believe that by helping others we can not only help them but help ourselves… Having volunteered both in the UK and Europe I’ve seen first hand the difference that can be made. So join us today and lets build a better future for all.”


Fawaad Shaikh


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Imran Ahmad


“Let’s change the conversation. Our deen is amazing, void of prejudice and racism, a deen that liberated women and gave the world the welfare state, fed the poor and protected the weak, spanning every corner of the globe. It changed the world… By working together we can set in motion the wheels of change. Collectively we can change the conversation.”