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11 Nov 2017


Rounders England is a not for profit, limited company, and the sport’s National Governing Body (NGB). Based in Sheffield; we provide a structure for the sport from the Board, local deliverers and teams right through to individual members and volunteers.
We are responsible for the management and training of the England Squads and work alongside other home national governing bodies to provide competition opportunities.
Rounders England co-ordinates a development network, working through local delivery partners that provides a pathway and opportunities for aspiring players to progress to whatever level of play is right for them. In addition, we provide information about the game, run coaching and umpiring courses, tournaments, sell resources and promote the sport at all levels.
Our mission is simple: Connecting People through Rounders. Our strategy for 2017 – 21 – ‘We are all Rounders’ – can be found here.
Our history:
The National Rounders Association was formed by a small group of teachers in 1943, with the primary aim of standardising the rules. The Association continued in an entirely volunteer capacity to develop standardised rules, competitions, adult clubs, and to support school rounders development. In the mid 1970’s an England adult team was selected, and matches were played against Wales. In 2005 Sports England recognised and part funded the organisation and this support continues.

Our 2017-21 Vision:
• Jaw dropping performance and participation
• Powerful allies and partners
• High visibility and profile
• Control of our destiny

About organisation

We are an agency set up specifically to support the third and public sector in efforts to develop more diverse boards and stronger governance structures. Our services include executive search, diversity training, and advisory. We have worked with some of the largest charities in the UK, including Amnesty International, the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) and British Red Cross. We have over 60,000 diverse professionals within our network and a reach that expands into communities across the UK. Through our collective experience we have developed the following for a number boards: diversity action plans, skills matrix, constitutions, strategic plans, governance reviews and more.

What are they looking for?

This is an exciting phase for Rounders, and we need a treasurer who has the skills to support our development. We have a highly committed staff team who value the leadership and support of the Board. Further information on the organisation can be found on the Rounders England website

We are looking for candidates with time and commitment to Rounders England’s vision, mission and values, and to the sport in general.

Specific experience and skills should include:

Relevant qualifications and experience to support the Chief Executive running an organisation with a turnover of around £1 million pa. The role of Treasurer is not limited to financial matters and they are expected to get involved in all parts of the Board’s remit too.
Strong business acumen combined with an understanding and observance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of being a Treasurer of a not-for-profit organisation.

Demonstrable independence, impartiality and integrity working in a multi-stakeholder environment.

Excellent interpersonal, leadership and influencing skills to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

We are particularly keen to achieve a more diverse board that better represents the racial and ethnic diversity of our communities.

Additional Info

Role Requirements

The role of the Treasurer is to provide independent leadership to the Board in financial matters. The independence of the Treasurer is essential.

The particular role of the Treasurer is to provide independent guidance and advice to the Board and its staff to:

• Ensure that Rounders England complies with its governing documents and relevant legislation and regulations;
• Ensure that Rounders England pursues its objects as defined in its governing documents;
• Highlight potential or actual conflicts of interest and give a lead in their recognition and resolution;
• Provide a lead in Rounders England’s accountability for its integrity, effectiveness and openness;
• Set high professional standards in matters of finance and governance;
• Oversee the financial management risk process;
• Liaise on behalf of the Board with the external auditors;
• Inform the Board in the approval of accounts;
• Keep the Board aware and informed about its financial duties and responsibilities;
• Inform the Board of the financial implications of corporate plans and of the management operational plans and budgets for which the Chief Executive has responsibility and is accountable to the Board.
• Serve on the Business and Commercial Committee and the Audit Committee

The Treasurer must understand Rounders England’s accounting procedures and key internal controls and thereby be able to provide assurance in liaison with the Chief Executive to the Board that the organisation’s financial integrity is sound.

Time Commitment
A minimum of 1 day a month.

There are usually four board meetings in a year, and a minimum of two Business and Commercial committee meetings (which incorporate the Audit committee).

Volunteer position, expenses paid

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