The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Removing harmful things from the road is an act of charity"

Looking after our environment and being "Green" is nothing new to Muslims with many hadiths and prophetic teachings telling us the the importance of planting trees, looking after nature and even water conservation and pollution. 

Our Community Clean Up project gives you all the tools you will need to start your own local project and makes it as easy as possible to get started.


How it works

Step One: Contact Us and we will assist you with ideas, contacts and help you plan your project.

Step Two: Decide how you want to help. Clean a Park, Nature Reserve, Play Ground, Cemetery or a Street.

Step Three: Let others know your plans and invite them to join. Remember "Many hands make light work"

Step Four: Go Make a Difference! Remember to take a few pics to share on your social media using #CommunityCleanUp and email us on so we can can inspire others to get involved.

Why Get Involved

Community: Help make the environment cleaner and a nicer place to live for all.

Ummah: Create greater unity and build stronger ties within our own Muslim community by working on projects together. 

Yourself: Earn some good deeds and fulfil a sunnah of our prophet (pbuh).